With the recent haze across Southeast Asia, keeping the indoors fresh can be a feat. But Breezway Louvre Windows are game for anything!

Are you looking for a window type that can keep the haze out and preserve your indoors? With Breezway Louvre Windows you can get all this and more. Due to a sophisticated and intelligent design, Breezway Louvre blades seal tight to keep out the dust, smoke and odour.

We have recently shared our unbeatable series on social media. Do you know the story behind our high-performing tightly sealed louvres? Breezway Altair Louvres’ patented “Living Hinge” is a legend in the making.

This design ensures that clips are pulled tightly against the channel. The over-centre locking offers strong blade-to-blade pressure.

Stay healthy, stay stylish with Breezway’s elegant window Louvre options.

To learn more about Breezway Louvre Windows, visit https://breezway.com.my/altair-louvre-windows/