Window Energy Ratings

Enhance the energy efficiency and comfort of a building

Maximum ventilation

With no fixed panes and blades that open almost fully horizontally (87 degrees) Altair Louvre Windows welcome fresh, cooling breezes. These cooling breezes reduce the need for power hungry electric air conditioning systems, thereby helping to save our fragile environment.

To learn more about the Benefits of Natural Ventilation please read the Breezway Technical Bulletin below.

View/download Benefits of Natural Ventilationsmall-pdf4

Tight Sealing

Altair Louvre Windows have an air infiltration rating that is significantly better than the standard required for residential windows. Tight sealing reduces draughts thereby allowing heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently.

Additional Benefits of External Screening

External screens deliver additional insulating and shading benefits to Altair Louvre Windows.

Choice of Glazing

A variety of energy efficient glazing options is available to meet local requirements. For example, in Southeast Asia’s warm, tropical climate the shading offered by tinted glass or aluminium blades will reduce the solar heat gain through those windows thereby reducing the temperatures within a building.