Louvre Windows with Tinted Glass Blades

Breezway offers a range of tinted glass blades to suit different climates around Australia. Tinted glass can maximise views whilst reducing the Solar Heat Gain when protection from direct sunlight is wanted. This will typically be a key consideration on western elevations (as windows facing the west are exposed to hot afternoon sun).

Breezway offers grey, dark grey, green and evergreen tinted glass blades. In warm climates a primary consideration is to reduce the amount of hot sunlight that enters the home through the windows. In cooler climates low e coatings are beneficial as they increase the insulating properties of glass yet still allow free heating from the sun on cold days. Call Breezway for more information on tinted glass blades or speak to your local fabricator. For more information please read Light and Shadow when using Altair Louvre Windows.