Maximum Widths for Louvre Windows

We often get asked “How wide can my louvre windows be? Are there standard sizes for the length of blades?”. There are actually no standard louvre window bay widths. An indicative answer to this question is 600mm to 900mm, however Breezway can offer bay widths up to 1200mm if using the Stronghold System (please refer to the Product Performance Warranty for more information).

When replacing windows or installing new windows, a rule of thumb is the higher the wind and water performance required, the shorter the louvre blade should be. In cyclonic regions the bay widths may be a maximum of 600mm or in other geographic areas with lower wind loads they may extend up to 900mm. The window frame can then be designed with multiple bays to achieve the desired frame width. With Breezway’s framing systems this can be up to 4 metres wide. Your window manufacturer will advise you based on your specific circumstances.