GEMS International School is changing lives through education

GEMS International School has been designed to give children the opportunity to embark on an enjoyable journey that will prepare them for a happy and productive life. The school aims to develop key characteristics such as creativity, resilience and collaborative spirit. The education building is therefore a vibrant space for children who want to explore, grow and realise their potential.
Mutliple bays of breezway louvres can be seen all the way into the distance at gems
Breezway louvres have been strategically designed into the school
Corner image of GEMS school with breezway louvres
Abundant breezway louvres will allow plenty of natural light and ventilation

The campus has first-class facilities including a full size artificial turf football field, sports hall, swimming pool, numerous specialist classrooms and labs, dance studio, black box theatre and various shared learning spaces. Breezway Louvre Windows in an Easyscreen Window System can be seen integrated all throughout the building. Multiple bays with glass blades and standard handles allow plenty of natural light and ventilation to flood into each room to create a comfortable and pleasant teaching and learning environment.

Architect: SA Architect Sdn Bhd
Phone: 03-5650 5156