PLP HQ Happiness and more Challenge Office Building Design


The owner of PLP Studio (Bangkok, Thailand) wanted something different for the design of his Head Quarters. He loved the idea of what Breezway Louvre Windows could offer with its aesthetic benefits and the advantages his building structure could have. He installed Breezway Louvres for an extraordinary effect. And that’s precisely what he got.

Walls of Breezway Louvres installed into PLP building
Breezway Louvres seal tight to keep boardroom meetings private
Open up your office buildings to natural light and fresh air with Breezway Louvres
Internal space with view of Breezway Louvres
The owner trusted our long-standing brand, knowing that Breezway Louvre Windows would deliver high-quality performance products, that are architecturally designed to help make his building stand out, and look completely different to other buildings nearby.

The interior has been lit with an abundance of natural light streaming into the building through the Breezway Louvres, making the office area feel much brighter and spacious. With ample fresh air ventilating the inside of the Head Quarters, it has completely transformed the atmosphere to what it once was.

Architect: PLP Studio