Powerlouvre Windows Set the Stage in Three Storey Home

A three-storey home in Taman Zaaba in TTDI is using Breezway Powerlouvre Windows to spice up its unique architecture of cement and brick finishing.
Breezway Powerlouvres can be automatically operated to open and close depending on the weather or time of day
Breezway Powerlouvres up high allow hot air to escape
Breezway Louvres lighten hallways
Breezway Louvres help make the home naturally comfortable

The Breezway Louvre Windows are the perfect match in a design that accentuates the finer elements of glass and bricks. With the louvres in place, the home has an airy and refreshing interior with excellent cross ventilation between the different rooms in the house. Future improvements on the highest floor of the home is in the pipeline and our Breezway Powerlouvre Windows are set to beautify the space and make the interiors more naturally comfortable.

Architect: Please contact Breezway Malaysia for more information.