Surf Shack Renovation, Coastal Breezes

Oahu, Hawaii, United States

This residential dwelling on the island of Oahu, Hawaii is located within a mile of the ocean and was originally a ‘surf shack’ where old style surf boards were crafted in the late 1970’s. New renovations have turned this shack into a cosy getaway in one of Hawaii’s most charming coastal beach communities. Altair Louvre Window strip hardware (in white) has been integrated into a third party frame with an outside screen configuration. 152mm (6”) clear obscure glass blades have been installed with standard handles for easy control at lower levels. By installing Altair Louvres up high, this creates a thermal chimney effect which is a great way to naturally cool a room. This is effective because rising hot air is able to escape the room through the high up louvres, allowing outside air to be drawn in through the lower windows and doors. This avoids warm air being re-circulated inside the home resulting in a more comfortable living space. Project Date – July 2013