Breezway Altair Louvre Windows can be used to enclose outdoor balconies so you can create extra year round living space for the whole family to enjoy. Not only do Altair Louvres in outdoor rooms provide extra living space, but they can also act as a primary noise barrier for other rooms in the home due to their tight sealing and patented living hinge design.

Timber blades offer privacy and shelter from the sun

Image: Install aluminium louvre blades for protection from direct sunlight or to give your family the privacy they desire from nosey neighbours. Visit the Blades page for more information.

Sun Room with Breezway Louvres

Image Credit: Davis Architects. Occupants can enjoy their outdoor living space in a protected spot away from wind and rain using Breezway Louvres.

Breezway Louvres offer a sound barrier to internal living rooms

Image Credit: SJB Architects. Using Breezway Louvres to enclose outdoor rooms can still allow plenty of light and ventilation, while acting as a sound barrier to internal rooms.

Breezway Louvres offer protection from the elements

Image: Breezway Louvres in outdoor areas can provide shading and add an artistic effect to your home design.

Breezway Louvres in outdoor rooms allow you to extend your outdoor living time

Designed for tough Asian conditions, Altair Louvres open fully to allow fresh air in, yet seal tight to ensure protection from the elements. A perfect alternative to shutters!

You can create your own enclosed space that is positioned to capture the sun and use glass louvre blades to shield you from cool winds while enjoying scenic views.

Altair Louvres are also a great option for stairways, walk-in-robes, adjacent to landings, at corridor ends, in toilets, in garages and up high in lofted areas to vent and replenish the air you breathe.

For more examples on how you can install Breezway Louvres into your outdoor rooms, please visit our Project Profile page.