Smart Living with Breezway Altair® Powerlouvre™ Windows

Smart Living with Breezway Altair® Powerlouvre™ Windows

The Altair Powerlouvre Window System adds a brilliant touch of innovative technology to our day-to­ day living. Recognised by the Australian Window Association for its excellence in design, this low-voltage automated window is available in the Breezway Easyscreen Window System. It is more than just a futuristic addition; it is life made easy.

Let’s take a look at how the Altair Powerlouvre Window System lives up to its award-winning performance as a smart living solution:

Superior Aesthetics

The Powerlouvre Window incorporates a concealed motor and gearbox within the framing system, which means no visible motors, rods, arms or gallery screws.

Design Flexibility

When designing your building consider the way you operate your louvre windows within reach or up high. The Powerlouvre Window is ideal for out-of-reach locations and allows the window to be operated more frequently by removing the need for awkward map rods to operate manual handles.


Breezway Powerlouvre Windows can be easily controlled through the Apptivate Control Unit, which is a touch­ sensitive wall plate, or via the Powerlouvre app, which allows smartphones and tablets to serve as a remote control. It can also be programmed to work with third party Building Management Systems (BMS) to suit a range of budget and control needs.

Energy and Cost Efficiency

The Powerlouvre Window can be set to operate automatically in response to various sensors and input, such as temperature and timer events. This significantly reduces the need for air conditioners, thus lowering household energy costs.

Proven Durability

Manufactured from 6060-T5 extruded aluminium, the Powerlouvre Window provides strength as well as long, low maintenance life. It has also been tested to perform in extreme conditions  –  from 0°c  to 60°C in temperature to 90% humidity at 35°C.

Extra Protection

Breezway’s Easyscreen Window System includes an integrated insect and security screen housing to allow easy fittings of screens to the frame. Screens can be installed within the building to prevent interference with louvre blade operation.

For more information on the Powerlouvre Window please visit our Powerlouvre page.

Altair® Louvre Window Systems Designed to Suit Your Needs

Altair® Louvre Window Systems Designed to Suit Your Needs

Altair® Louvre Window Systems Designed to Suit Your Needs

Altair Louvre Windows by Breezway are purpose-built to fit into a variety of window systems and configurations to suit your requirements. Constructed entirely out of non-corrosive industrial materials for strength and durability, their customisable components help meet different design objectives.

In the context of Malaysia’s hot and humid tropical climate, the Altair Louvre Window Systems are ideal for residential and commercial purposes. On a hot day, it helps regulate indoor temperature and flow of fresh air which reduces the need for air-conditioning, while on rainy days it helps prevent water from entering with its tight sealing. Meanwhile, available screens easily prevent mosquitoes and other insects from infiltrating the building.

Other than regular cleaning, these Altair Louvre Window Systems require minimal maintenance through its innovative design.

Altair Easyscreen™ Window System

  • Ideal for external screening applications as it includes an integrated insect or security screen housing for easy screen fitting.
  • Extra security can be achieved by installing the optional security bar system.
  • Altair Louvres can be automated via a concealed motor with the optional Powerlouvre Window System.

To learn more about the Easyscreen System please visit

Altair Slimline™ Window System

  • Ideal for narrow frame applications and installation into concrete block construction when screening is not required.
  • Suitable for internal walls to help air to flow freely from room to room inside the building.

To learn more about our Slimline System pleas visit

Altair ios™ Window System (only available in the Philippines)

  • Developed to suit Ideal for internal or external screening applications.
  • Includes an integrated insect and security screen housing for easy screen fitting.
  • Internal screens can be installed from within the building and positioned so that they do not interfere with the operation of louvre blades.

To learn more about the ios Window System please visit

Altair Louvres: Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Living

Altair Louvres: Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Living

Breezway believes buildings should co-exist with nature, rather than fighting against its elements; because we understand the role of man and nature in creating a healthy ecosystem at large. With that in mind, Breezway Altair Louvre Windows are designed to maximise human life quality and minimise environmental impact through high performance functions, including:

Maximum Ventilation

With no fixed panes and blades that are close to being fully horizontal, fresh, cooling air could freely enter the building. When these louvre windows are installed on opposing walls, it also allows hot, stale air to exit the other side while fresh air enters. The natural ventilation helps maintain a comfortable temperature and indoor air quality, which reduces our constant need for air conditioning.

Solar Control

A variety of glazing options means you can control solar heat gain with Altair Louvre Windows, depending on climatic needs. For the warm, tropical climate in Southeast Asia, toned tinted glass blades come in handy in reducing the amount of sunlight and solar heat gain entering the building, while timber or aluminium blades function to block out the sunlight completely without compromising ventilation.

Optimised Insulation

Again, Southeast Asia’s hot and humid conditions may seem inescapable. U-values are the measure of the thermal conductivity of the window. That is, if there is a temperature difference between the air on either side of a window, it measures how quickly heat will pass through the window.   Low U-values allow heat to be transferred through the window slowly, and a high U-value indicates that heat is transferred quickly. The greater the difference between the desired indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature, the more important U-values are. Altair Louvre Windows can achieve rather low U-values when using tinted glass blades or low e glass blades to offer insulating properties similar to those achieved by windows with double glazing.

Tight Sealing

Breezway Altair Louvre Windows have an air infiltration rating that is significantly better than the required residential standard. When fully closed, a locking mechanism applies strong pressure to the blades, while the living hinge design resists water and air penetration between the clips and the channels. The tight sealing mechanism helps protect the indoors from unfavourable draughts and rain.

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